Monday, November 19, 2007

Sms2bangladesh has changed design, services and features.

Author: Md. Tanveer Rahman has changed design, services and features. provides sms gateway, sms marketing, bulk sms, business sms, corporate sms, bank/insurance sms, sms alert, school sms, super store sms, sms servay, beauty parlor sms and club sms.
In this site sms2bangladesh provides many sample sms in different category like, love sms, valentine's day sms, friendship sms, adult sms, marriage sms, sms for husband, sms for wife, Eid sms, new year sms, Bangla sms, insult sms, birthday sms, funny sms etc.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Sms2bangladesh provides sms marketing service in bangladesh

Author: Md. Tanveer Rahman
For the small to medium-sized business, mobile messaging is a particularly attractive communications medium, whether it's aimed at customers, suppliers or their own employees. This is because it's a great leveler in terms of business size - it's equally accessible to an SME as it is to a large enterprise (versus television advertising for example), and if used correctly, an SME can achieve the same sort of results as a large corporate campaign would.

MARKETING MESSAGE: We provide 20% discount on Cosmetics in this month. Almas
For send same sell information to all member or customer, sms save your time and money. For marketing sms, sms2bangladesh provides bulk sms. Price is following Provides:
5,000 - 15,000 SMS @ 1.30 TK/SMS
15,001 - 30,000 SMS @ 1.20 TK/SMS
35,001 - 50,000 SMS @ 1.10 TK/SMS
50,000 Plus SMS @ 1.00 TK/SMS

NOTE: Vat is included with sms price.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Author: Md. Tanveer Rahman, internet to mobile phone SMS service provider. Within a very short time, this SMS service site has gained immense popularity. Now, about 3000 visitors from 30 different countries are visiting this site everyday.

In Sms2bangladesh, users can send txt SMS to any mobile operator in Bangladesh from internet. Other than txt SMS service, Sms2bangladesh also provides Bulk SMS service, SMS Gateway, and SMS Marketing service for corporate clients.

The objective of this portal is to reduce the communication gap between Bangladeshi and Non Residential Bangali (NRB) scattered throughout the world through valuable sms, and introduces SMS Marketing in Bangladesh.

Please visit and send SMS to your family, friends, and clients.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

BDtube, first video sharing web portal in Bangladesh. Users can watch, upload, download and share videos from here. Recently BDtube has added many new features in this site. Now user can upload and download digital image and audio song from here. Here are many videos like funny video, music video, funny clip, Hindi movie song, Bangle natok, Bangle music video, English music video, political news, personal video, personal image, political images, celebrity's images, natural image, historical image, romantic song, melody song, movie song etc. There are many channel for videos and images. User can select there video's or image's related channel for quick search. User can make their video or image private, as a result only permitted people are check this video or image. User can create there own group in BDtube. There are many games for Bdtube's user. Now 3000 people from 25 different countries are visiting this portal everyday.

The objective is increasing the relationship between Bangladeshi and Non Residential Bangali (NRB) by this web portal and always follow the Bangladeshi and Bangali culture.

Recently BDtube has arranged a video competition for registered user. But the competition is some different. The video which will be most hit, will be first. It is a monthly basis competition. one user will be selected for one month.